So long, farewell…

the walkthe walkThis place has been a long time in the making, but it’s failed to grow with me or me grow with it. Eitherway it shows a dim representation of what happens in my headspace. And I don’t want this illness or this coloured mind description to define me. And, and in the end all things draw to a close.I still read blogs avidly but for the time feel the need to take stock. And to be honest I no longer have the time, from where my blank headspace used to be have refound my interest in politics and in other people. And these words ofcourse have to dry up in the end. And this departing will be painful for me as have the last two years but things have changed and I need to move on.  My form of writing therapy is over. And a new adventure begins, or so I hope. See you around on other blogs or maybe back here again. Hannah X


the walkthe walk



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18 responses to “So long, farewell…

  1. aww, I’m saddened to hear that, but understand why you are moving on.

    I hope to see you around still even if you’re not blogging here anymore.

    Take care hun xx

  2. Chapati

    Good to see you go 🙂

    (In a ‘I’m glad things are going well for you’ kind of way..)

  3. I’m sad to hear you’re going, but I think for you it’s a good thing- well done on filling the void 🙂 I fear I won’t have time for much longer either!
    See you around x

  4. A new journey awaits you. Best of wishes!

  5. findingmecrazy

    I’m really sad you’re leaving, but I admire your decision to move on, hope you find what you’re looking for and I hope I’ll still see you around on other blogs (and on facebook!). Good luck with your new adventure xx

  6. So long and all the best. x

  7. That’s great news, if you know what I mean. Take care, and all the best for the future. Dx

  8. Hi Hannah

    Sorry I didn’t respond before. Life stuff!

    Good luck in your new adventure and my best wishes go with you x

  9. la

    I’m happy for you, Hannah. Good luck and take care x

  10. Alison

    Hannah Wishing you lots of luck and I hope we shall remain friends by other means. x

  11. Lola Snow

    Missing you.

    Lola x

  12. Happy for you, although I must admit I will miss reading! Take care Hannah xx

  13. mybeautifulleah

    argh, I am so slow in seeing this. Shall miss reading you xxx

  14. dumpedbyahallucination

    It’s been a proper long time, eh…? This is the first blog post by anybody I’ve read for months: I’m so, so happy for you. When your posts got darker last year I didn’t know how to say anything so I just didn’t, and I felt stupid for it, but I am determined now to tell you that I am happy for you, and I am glad for you – which I just did. I really hope things have kept up being as good for you since you posted this, and that they stay that way in the future.

    Love xx

  15. it would be nice to see how you are doing now and how you have got on a story is allways good when you shut something then you reapear form the darkness it lets all your readers know your still alive and now have a better life maybee and you have moved on well and youve never stoped learning

  16. franny k

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