So long, farewell…

the walkthe walkThis place has been a long time in the making, but it’s failed to grow with me or me grow with it. Eitherway it shows a dim representation of what happens in my headspace. And I don’t want this illness or this coloured mind description to define me. And, and in the end all things draw to a close.I still read blogs avidly but for the time feel the need to take stock. And to be honest I no longer have the time, from where my blank headspace used to be have refound my interest in politics and in other people. And these words ofcourse have to dry up in the end. And this departing will be painful for me as have the last two years but things have changed and I need to move on.  My form of writing therapy is over. And a new adventure begins, or so I hope. See you around on other blogs or maybe back here again. Hannah X


the walkthe walk



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