Godless Morality

Rush by night into the arms of time, that’s what I want to do. To depart from this shell, from the colourless traffic. Dead leg. Dead arm. Dead hand. Dead eye. Dead I. To leave this inhospitable land, of this colonised soil with its homogenous culture. Forever and a year stretching down into the earth beyond. To enter the land of If. To detach from reality. Sobbing wind rushes in the vortex of place and time. Demolishing the fourth wall, for If is where humans who don’t like living live. Darwinism doesn’t let us survive.

Last Line…

What made us colonise such inhospitable lands?

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13 responses to “Godless Morality

  1. Did you write this? if so, is very powerful.


  2. I love it when you write. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything of you. This doesn’t sound too positive so I hope things are okay. Take care xx

  3. Welcome back oh quiet one. Hope you’re okay x

  4. *hugs* Hope everything’s okay x

  5. Alison

    Potent powerful words Hannah, nice to hear from you, you have been too quiet. x

  6. I think it’s good you are expressing your feelings here. Missed your posts:). Take care. x

  7. Mandy- Thanks for the compliment infact I wrote it myself so am very pleased that you thought it was from elsewhere.

    ITS- Compared to the last five months things arent great at all but in the bigger scheme of things I have been through worse, I am trying and failing to keep how I feel in context.

    Emma- Things should be getting better, Im getting more appointments with my care coordinator and am soon to have another change in meds.

    Kate- Give it time and things will get better but untill then I am stuck in such an inhospitable place that it all feels pretty hopeless.

    Alison- The quietness at the beginning was because I was well and busiy planning my summer holiday but as time has dragged on my silence was because I was to down to write.

    Lareve- I am certainly glad to be back here, its great to catch up on everyones blogs and see how they have been.

  8. I’m glad you’re getting more appointments, hope they’re at home though so you’re not permanently on the road between Manc and London!

    Shame the goodness hasn’t lasted (same’s happened here too) and I hope your change in meds helps :)

    Love xx

  9. Lovely to see you posting again. I’m sorry things are difficult for you at the moment. Feel free to contact me

    Stay Safe

  10. I hope the change in meds helps. I’m sad that the relative stability of the last few months has slipped. Maybe it’s just the changes that summer brings about. Sticking you out of your routine which was probably helping.

    Hope the extra appointments are fruitful too.

    Stay safe xx

  11. I really like this piece of writing. It’s beautiful, really. How are you doing anyway? I hope you’re ok and that things are getting a bit better x

  12. Wow, the layout’s changed (and the size of the font in this box is HUGE!).
    Hope you’re okay x

  13. I just saw Kate’s response and had a look. I like the new look.

    Hope your summer hols are going well.

    Take care, xx

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